Tuesday, June 9, 2009

IEC = Lucky Me

In cooperation of IKIP and Yayasan Pahang the IEC programe are made up for the student that under Yayasan Pahang. The purpose or objective of this programe is to build the confidence to talk using English Language and to sharpen the idea and english skill. I am from a few of the lucky people that join this program. In the first plan of my semester break is that I could find a job so that i could earn some money to..... then one day I receive the letter from IKIP that order me to join this programe, when I read it somewhere or somehow the voice in my head come out and tell me this could be a very good chance. The people that join this are all from pahang and from many different course in IKIP neither IKIP3 or IKIP5. This is joyable because we get know and have new friend, even I alredy know some of them. This programe activities are also qite enjoyable, we do many thing that improve our confident and english skill and also we have to be an actor in a drama and compose our own music. So I will write a new post with some picture and tell you all about this more.

.: NUCLEOART:. Stay tuned