Tuesday, June 9, 2009

IEC = Lucky Me

In cooperation of IKIP and Yayasan Pahang the IEC programe are made up for the student that under Yayasan Pahang. The purpose or objective of this programe is to build the confidence to talk using English Language and to sharpen the idea and english skill. I am from a few of the lucky people that join this program. In the first plan of my semester break is that I could find a job so that i could earn some money to..... then one day I receive the letter from IKIP that order me to join this programe, when I read it somewhere or somehow the voice in my head come out and tell me this could be a very good chance. The people that join this are all from pahang and from many different course in IKIP neither IKIP3 or IKIP5. This is joyable because we get know and have new friend, even I alredy know some of them. This programe activities are also qite enjoyable, we do many thing that improve our confident and english skill and also we have to be an actor in a drama and compose our own music. So I will write a new post with some picture and tell you all about this more.

.: NUCLEOART:. Stay tuned

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Bla.... Bla..... Bla.....

How do I want to search solution of some problem or maybe something good in the end. If I dont solve it what will happen. If it a problem it will drag me to more bigger bigger problem that I will regret it until die, meanwhile if it something good it will give me something beneficial to live my life. Do I have to make some sacrifice or do I have to just ignore it. One thing is always pop out in my head, this is some of my weakness. And also this thing make me wonder if I still sane or I need to make an apointment with the mental doctor to do the treatment, and I am lucky because this does not gone to be out of control. This one thing I said before, the thing that always pop out in my head is it the cause of what I have done to them?, what is it I have done?, is it OK to do that and to do this?, are they OK with my mistake?, are they understand me?, are they understand the cause of the mistake?, do I have to apologise or fix my mistake if it does not a mistake?, when should I do that and when should I do this?, what should I do?, what should I do if this gone to be happen and what should I do if that gone to be happen?, what should I do if this happen and what should I do if that happen?. Sometime the cause is maybe me or maybe myself, my behaviour, my wish, my way of thinking. Or maybe the cause is because of them, I do it because of them, or maybe they still dont understand?. Or maybe the cause is because of the condition around us. SO the big deviling HOW and WHY still haunt my head.

to all my GODONG who have and like to read Blog this is not about you all, you all are still my best GODONG. I just have to express something....


Sunday, February 22, 2009


We the 2nd sem Art n Design student of IKIP international college launch and rising one spreading disease of blog war and compete to each other. this war look like kind of interesting, fun, and beneficial to all, including to the other people who not joined this war... This war will bring knowledge, exposure of ourself and some experience for us to live our life, feed our fantasy, comfort our heart and feeling. some day we will never be regret for joining this war, but I hope this war will not bring the real fight or arguing among each other to who that have the brain to think wisely, logicaly or as a matured people. BUT!, this war also got some flaw. Some of us maybe doesnt realise of this flaw, because they are busy and hunger to express their feeling, to flood their knowledge or to complete their hobby in their unexpectable blog. Now I will help them to improve or to fix this flaw, i will reveal this invisible or hidden flaw that were so long have been sitting or dancing infront of their eyes. Here we go, DOESNT ALL OF YOU REALISE THAT OUR POST SOME TIME WILL BE THE SAME OR HAVE SAME MEANING BEHIND THAT.... WHAT THE .... ( -.-) zzzZZ...

That all, just updating my blog.... Thanks for read it eagerly, as u all know i like an eager reader..


Monday, February 16, 2009

The Mission To Produce A Video

In one bored evening, a group of student that is us have prepared to go shooting. The shooting location is just nearby, not as far as you think (don't be fooled its not April yet).

We reach the location at about 5pm. We waste no time we haste the setting, we also have been practicing in many time (excuse me... we not a superstar, we just an ordinary student who want to learn). The prop are ready, the lighting, camera, crew and so on (actually there nothing like i said, its only some crew that were also actor and my precious Sony Cybershot 5.1, can u believe it?).

We done the practice(just move there and here like a group of zombies), read the script (its mean shouting!), positioning the character end(the place to see the sky and rest, because of tiredness not really dead!). And now the moment come, at last we launch the shooting. we shoot the 1st scene, thanks god it amazingly success ( ".-) then we shoot the 2nd scene, this scene location is at home(u know why? because this video only have one scene!!!). So the video will comming soon.... wait it eagerly, because I like when u all eager to know.....

Saturday, February 7, 2009

We Know What Is Shutter Speed... MAYBE...

alaaa.... malas la nak tulis bahasa inggeris tulis dalam bahasa ibunda je bleh kan.... Sem dua nih aku da ader subjek klas foto (best nih). 1st day kelas foto kteorg diberitau kne bli kamera lpas cuti da kne ader sbb da nak start kelas (padahal da lame gile, sejak sem 1 lg). time tuh da jd gile sbb pikir mane nak rompak duit nih, sbb kne bli kamera SLR harga dlm RM2000. harapan hanyalah duit pinjaman tp x msk2 jgak lambat gile... so nak kne mntak kat sponsor utamalah, makbapak la... so aku branikan diri utk angkat tpon sbb aku ngan member2 semue da rse serbeslah gak nak mntak2 ngan makbapak, kalo yg bernasib baik sket yg jenis makbapak bnyak duit asyik suap smpai penuh xpe gak... so aku pon call la my hardworking father, start la tnye ader bajet ke x, jwpanye xde tmbahan plak kne la marah sket marah manje la ktekan. bpak aku tnye and bg cadangan, die tnye xde alternatif lain ke, and sruh aku brckap ngan lecturer (padahal da ckap la sket2). die bg cadangan gune kamera paksedare Sony Cybershot 5.1 mgpxl, yg kne bli NIKON, CANON atau plihan yg plg akhir SONY, yg lain semue jenis x ok, 8 atau 10 mgpxl. so pastuh aku pg la kautim ngan lecturer ngan tnjuk kamera tuh, nasib baik bleh gne yg tuh.... tp bedasrkan permehatian, gambar kamera yg aku pkai kre ok gak kalo nak lwn SLR.

Lepas cuti aku balik hostel and tgk ramai member yg da bli SLR, pastuh ape lg aku ngan member serumah ramai2 godam la, best gak pkai SLR tambahan lak kalo ader lens yg power2, tp lens yg power mahal gile. tuh pon harga kemera je da separuh harga dr harge satu set yg separuh lg harge basic lens......

so, start klas tuh kteorg diajar la sket2 pasal ISO, Ampature ngan Shutter Speed, semua nih kamera aku ader. pastuh kne pg explore kat luar, kre klas outdoor la (padahal luar studio jer). lecturer aku En.Ujang sruh explore Shutter Speed time tuh, tp aku bnyak tngkap gambar candid jer (best wooo).

nih la gambar dr kamera aku ngan SLR....

My Sony Cybershot 5.1 mgpxl

Hasil gambar kamera

Time dalam kelas / studio

Outdoor sampai dalam hutan

Da abis kelas ar, Back to the studio....

so please wait my photo work soon..... NucleoArt

Me at College

I am.....(Translate).... Aku bdak grafik, intake 2008 nyer. aku dlu aliran sains, xde berkait pon ngan ART, tp da tercampak kat course nih nak wat camner kan. tp kre ok gak sbb aku ske gak lukis2 ngan mende2 seni nih (terutamenye yg jenis dlm komptr)... dlu pon lukis2 gak tp lukis bodo2 jer, time SPM pon x study asyik lukis jer... ble start msuk jer aku nak kne bersaing la utk maju, tp semua member2 semua hebat. tp yg peliknye 95% drpd diorg dlu aliran lain drpd seni... assgment 1st da kne wat mcm2 aku basic pon xde, tp bdak2 lain kebanyakanye pon xde basic. assgment sem satu mmg utk ajar basic, so aku pon wat la ngan besemangat, time sem dua nih da improve la sket kteorg pnye drawing ngan ilmu2 art. so aku banyakan explore bende2 art nih, samada gne komptr atau x. lgpon bleh mintak tnjuk ajar member yg ader ilmu atau pngalaman yg tersendiri, so aku korek la sket2 kat diorang.... nih la aku time kat kolej, skang bru sem dua banyak mende lg nak explore.

kesimpulannya saya menyeru rakan-rakan dan pembaca supaya banyak-banyak bersabar dalam mencari ilmu, serta rajin mencari, mengkaji dan menjelajah ilmu. perkara ini semua tanpa disedari adalah satu perkara yang seronok sebenarnya dan pada masa akan datang anda semua boleh menggunakan atau memanipulasikan ilmu yang telah dipelajari. mcm karangan lah plak.....

so tngn pon dah pnt and da xde idea nak tlis aper, so good bye and Good luck....

Thursday, January 22, 2009

About Somebody

His name is ..... he is from MALAYSIA, small country in Asia. he had no capability, nothing special, less quality, in other word "he is nobody". There still be lot to be learn, know, feel, and explore. But he still an ordinary human and wonder that how do you do, and hoping that you be fine and well, "WELL" in all condition mind, health, heart and feeling. "HE" still enjoying the sweetness in this wonderful world, escaping from something that nobody want, and hunger for more chance and luck. The more important thing is to upgrade himself, to be somebody that were great, to create the miracle inside and outside of himself. This person is me, the owner of this land, the keeper of this imaginary side and try to whispering to you about the life through my eye, and tell that you not alone. SO! enjoy,feel and think the letter and the word.