Monday, February 16, 2009

The Mission To Produce A Video

In one bored evening, a group of student that is us have prepared to go shooting. The shooting location is just nearby, not as far as you think (don't be fooled its not April yet).

We reach the location at about 5pm. We waste no time we haste the setting, we also have been practicing in many time (excuse me... we not a superstar, we just an ordinary student who want to learn). The prop are ready, the lighting, camera, crew and so on (actually there nothing like i said, its only some crew that were also actor and my precious Sony Cybershot 5.1, can u believe it?).

We done the practice(just move there and here like a group of zombies), read the script (its mean shouting!), positioning the character end(the place to see the sky and rest, because of tiredness not really dead!). And now the moment come, at last we launch the shooting. we shoot the 1st scene, thanks god it amazingly success ( ".-) then we shoot the 2nd scene, this scene location is at home(u know why? because this video only have one scene!!!). So the video will comming soon.... wait it eagerly, because I like when u all eager to know.....

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