Thursday, April 2, 2009

Bla.... Bla..... Bla.....

How do I want to search solution of some problem or maybe something good in the end. If I dont solve it what will happen. If it a problem it will drag me to more bigger bigger problem that I will regret it until die, meanwhile if it something good it will give me something beneficial to live my life. Do I have to make some sacrifice or do I have to just ignore it. One thing is always pop out in my head, this is some of my weakness. And also this thing make me wonder if I still sane or I need to make an apointment with the mental doctor to do the treatment, and I am lucky because this does not gone to be out of control. This one thing I said before, the thing that always pop out in my head is it the cause of what I have done to them?, what is it I have done?, is it OK to do that and to do this?, are they OK with my mistake?, are they understand me?, are they understand the cause of the mistake?, do I have to apologise or fix my mistake if it does not a mistake?, when should I do that and when should I do this?, what should I do?, what should I do if this gone to be happen and what should I do if that gone to be happen?, what should I do if this happen and what should I do if that happen?. Sometime the cause is maybe me or maybe myself, my behaviour, my wish, my way of thinking. Or maybe the cause is because of them, I do it because of them, or maybe they still dont understand?. Or maybe the cause is because of the condition around us. SO the big deviling HOW and WHY still haunt my head.

to all my GODONG who have and like to read Blog this is not about you all, you all are still my best GODONG. I just have to express something....


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