Thursday, January 22, 2009

About Somebody

His name is ..... he is from MALAYSIA, small country in Asia. he had no capability, nothing special, less quality, in other word "he is nobody". There still be lot to be learn, know, feel, and explore. But he still an ordinary human and wonder that how do you do, and hoping that you be fine and well, "WELL" in all condition mind, health, heart and feeling. "HE" still enjoying the sweetness in this wonderful world, escaping from something that nobody want, and hunger for more chance and luck. The more important thing is to upgrade himself, to be somebody that were great, to create the miracle inside and outside of himself. This person is me, the owner of this land, the keeper of this imaginary side and try to whispering to you about the life through my eye, and tell that you not alone. SO! enjoy,feel and think the letter and the word.


  1. mane karangan ko rembat ni...
    tapi papehal pon...